Here’s What Pastors Are Saying

Dear Bro Larry Skelton,

I am writing you this letter in response to the news letters I receive from you each month. I really enjoy them, they bless my soul. I love to hear how Victory New Testament Fellowship Int’l is being blessed here at home in the USA, and out in the mission field. I was blessed to Pastor a Baptist church for five years, then God let me know it was time for me to move on. It was a new church just starting out when I started going there five years ago. Now I have started another church. We’re just starting out with only sixteen people. I really feel at peace here. I don’t know if God will leave me here, or move me on down the road. I am planning a trip to Africa next year. I do love the Lord and I am working in the body of Christ. I just want to thank you for your letters of encouragement, and your support. Even though you don’t hear from me often, I do thank you. I am working for the Lord. I love you all, In Jesus Name.

– Bro. Anastacio H. Medina

Pastor Skelton,

Praise God, the small group ministry I was asked to lead, at our local United Methodist Church has begun with a wondrous response. We have more attending than have ever attended in the past. The Holy Spirit has truly made His presence known. Glory to God!

– Pastor David Chinn

Dear Pastor Larry,

As always it is a joy to receive your letter. I am so grateful to God for this ministry. I am personally grateful to VNTFI for all your encouragement and support through your kind words and prayers. Pastor, again God has blessed me financially. It comes somewhat as a surprise only because I really leaned on my faith this time, unlike in the past. When I read your last letter, when you reminded me of the story of Isaiah. You also reminded me by illustrating this story, that we all encounter the same seasons. Seasons of just TRUSTING! Even when you just don’t know, or feel like God is really listening or seeing what is happening. My spirit was renewed by your words of testimony. I still desire to serve our Lord, especially after this encouragement. Your prayers…your letters, and the fellowship mean more to me than I am able to express.

– Rev. Denise Sharp-Ward